Michael & Ronan Redacted Whiskey

The Story of Redacted Whiskey

Redacted Whiskey is a labour of love.
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Started by two friends who met through a shared love of whiskey. 

Michael Cowman and Ronan Collins have been friends for many years and there’s been more than one night, while sharing a whiskey, that the phrase ‘Why can’t we do this ourselves?’ has been uttered. The night that it actually happened was in Bunclody (or Funclody as the cool kids call it). A small town on the River Slaney in Wexford, Ireland.


So we began...

In no doubt a scattered way but the ball was rolling and thankfully we have great friends to help us roll that ball in the right direction. We are looking at you Two Stacks. The rest (not much left to be honest) was us to us.

Having started the company, it turns our there are many reasons why we shouldn’t have done it ourselves. However one main reason why we should: passion & stubbornness. At Redacted our passion for spirits flows through everything we do. We want to bottle whiskey and spirits that excite us and that we want to drink.

Ireland is going through a huge shift in it's whiskey production with more & more new distilleries producing spirit each year and it's this that really gets us going because some are really doing something unique and worth shouting about. Each new distillery we aim to release as a '

Redacted Whiskey' has something more than just great liquid, they also have a story to tell and the future of whisk(e)y in Ireland to write: highlighted by Bottle 001 Killowen Distillery Single Pot Still. 


Why the name Redacted?

The name 'Redacted' is a challenge to the industry at large. We aim to provide as much possible information as we can to the end consumer. In a world of NDA’s and unnamed distilleries we tell you exactly what’s in the bottle. Whether that’s a tiny craft distillery on a mountain edge run by a kindly goblin or one of the world’s mega distilleries, who are also producing great spirit, we aim to tell you precisely what’s in the bottle. 


Single Cask Editions

We want to champion the new wave of Irish distilleries. So we are always searching for one stand alone cask that epitomises what each distillery is about. Also, championing local artists. Each label is created in conjunction with a local artist from the area surrounding the distillery.

A one off whiskey. A one off piece of art. 


Naggins by Redacted

A 200ml whiskey naggin but with amazing show-stopping whiskey in it. This range aims to showcase liquid from all over the island, no matter how large or small the distillery. It might be a unique cask finish, mash bill or just super old. However at our whiskey naggins core, we believe that it allows great whiskey to be accessible to everyone!

At Redacted Whiskey we are 100% in independent with absolutely no outside funding. We have relied on many friends in the industry for help and advice but at the end of the day it’s just two lads with a dream, some casks and a lot of enthusiasm.
Redacted aims to be the embodiment of the things we love about the spirits industry.