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About Ronan Collins

Ronan Collins: Actor. Surf Coach. Dog Lover.
Ronan Collins Redacted Whiskey Co-Founder


Ronan also known as Whiskey4Breakfast, wears many hats, though his website & YouTube where he speaks about Irish whiskey, beer & cocktails. He loves to showcase his favourite places to eat & drink around the world, so if you want to bump into him Prague you'll know the coffee shop or bar to find go.
Ronan is also in his third year as a hospitality and drinks consultant with It's Ronan in which I specialises in world-class cocktails, events and brand advocacy. 
Outside of work Ronan pretty much spends all of his time with Finn in the Mourne Mountains or for some reason swimming in Carlingford Lough. 
Ronan Collins, Whiskey4Breakfast and now co-founder of Redacted Independent Bottlers. As the self professed 'emplyee of the month' we believe he is the right person to be looking after the day-to-day activties of Redacted.  

Did he tell you he completed an IronMan?

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