Redacted Whiskey Logo and Text 
When we talk about Redacted Independent Bottlers there is only one place to start. 
Some call them stubborn, innovative or just plan stupid but it all began with two best mates and a dream. Michael Cowman & Ronan Collins co-founded and operate Redacted Whiskey.
Both have had different paths getting to the point of Redacted. However, they both look back at a trip together in Speyside, Scotland for Michael's 30th birthday. A place steeped in whisky history seems fitting as the epicentre to the wonderful friendship they now have. 
Living at home in Ireland (one North, one South) they spend a fair bit of time together. Travelling around the island visiting bars and distilleries. Enevitibly trying some of the best whiskey the world has to offer.
They both love interesting Irish whiskey, transparency and great funky art so they decided to bring these world's together in the form of an independent whiskey bottler 'Redacted' specialising in wonderful distilled Irish liquid.