What is a 'Single Cask' Irish Whiskey?

What is a 'Single Cask' Irish Whiskey?

A single cask Irish whiskey, also known as a single barrel, is a type of whiskey that has been aged in a single oak cask. A single cask whiskey is bottled from a single barrel, offering a unique and unadulterated expression of the spirit.

Here are some key characteristics of single cask Irish whiskey:

Unique Flavour Profile: Since single cask Irish whiskey comes from a single barrel, each bottling offers a distinct flavour profile shaped by the specific characteristics of that particular cask. Factors such as the type of wood, previous contents of the cask, age, and environmental conditions can all influence the flavour of the whiskey.

Limited Availability: Due to the nature of single cask whiskey production, these bottlings are typically limited in quantity and availability. Once the contents of a single cask have been bottled, there are no more available from that specific barrel, that's why each and every bottle of Redacted Whiskey is numbered and once we are out, we are out. 

Unfiltered and Natural: Single cask's are often bottled at cask strength, meaning they are not diluted with water before bottling. This allows the whiskey to retain its natural flavours and characteristics without the influence of added water. Additionally, single cask whiskeys are usually not chill-filtered, preserving the whiskey's full flavour and texture.

Transparency and Traceability: Single cask Irish whiskey typically offers transparency and traceability in the production process, as each bottle can be traced back to the specific cask in which it was aged. This level of detail allows whiskey enthusiasts to appreciate the craftsmanship and unique qualities of each individual bottling. We will always give you as much information as possible about each of our casks on the label so you know as much as us. 

Collectibility and Rarity: Single cask Irish whiskeys are highly prized by collectors and connoisseurs for their rarity, quality, and uniqueness. Each bottling represents a singular moment in time, capturing the essence of a particular cask and offering a glimpse into the artistry of whiskey-making. Although whiskey was made for drinking so crack it open. 

Overall, single cask's offers a distinctive and memorable drinking experience, showcasing the diversity and complexity of Irish whiskey production from a single point in time never to be replicated. Whether enjoyed neat or with a splash of water, single cask whiskeys are sure to delight whiskey enthusiasts with their depth of flavour and character.


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