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The heartbeat of distilling in the Mourne Mountains the Killowen Distillery, Co.Down is a place where authenticity isn't just a word—it's their way of life. We at Redacted Whiskey have been long time fans of Brendan and his team, so when we decided on "our first ever bottle of whiskey" we knew it would have to be a show stopper but also someone who would be mad enough to agree to it - enter Brendan. 

A Passion for Tradition

Founded by the visionary distiller Brendan Carty, Killowen Distillery is powered by a team of whiskey experts and enthusiasts. Small but mighty they are but driven by a shared goal. To bring back the soul and tradition of 'real' Irish whiskey. Brendan is a prominent figure for passionately trying to reviving forgotten native distilling styles.

Crafting with Heart and Soul

At Killowen, they embrace the old ways with a modern twist. On two handcrafted artisan stills, Christoir (1000 litres) and Broc (800 litres). These flame-fed pot stills, coupled with worm tub condensers, create a spirit that’s rich in tradition yet excitingly contemporary. In fact, Killowen is the only distillery in Ireland to use worm tub condensers exclusively, underscoring our commitment to authentic craftsmanship.

The Flavour of Authenticity

Killowens meticulous, time-honoured methods result in a whiskey with a unique flavour profile that harkens back to the golden age of Irish spirits. Every sip of Killowen whiskey tells a story of dedication, tradition, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. 

Barántúil: Embracing True Authenticity

Authenticity isn’t just about pride and integrity—it’s about revival. It’s about rediscovering and celebrating the distinctly Irish art of distilling. Which is seen and tasted first hand in the Barántúil releases from the distillery. 

We at Redacted Whiskey could not be more excited and proud to begin our independent bottling journey with a brand and group of people that embody so much of what we hope to bring to the category - all of us together working so Irish whiskey can reclaim its rightful place as a highly sought-after global treasure.


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