What is an Independent Whiskey Bottler?

What is an Independent Whiskey Bottler?

An Independent Whiskey Bottler (Indie Bottler) is a company or individual that specialises in selecting and bottling whiskies from various distilleries. Unlike distilleries, which produce their own whiskey brands, independent bottlers purchase bottles of whiskey from distilleries and bottle them under their own labels - that's why we love to use local artists on our single casks.


Independent bottlers offer a unique perspective on the whiskey industry, as they have the freedom to source and select casks from a wide range of distilleries, often including lesser-known or closed distilleries. This allows them to showcase a diverse array of flavours and styles, providing whiskey enthusiasts with the opportunity to explore and discover new expressions.


Indie Bottlers typically release whiskies in limited quantities, with each bottling representing a specific cask or batch. They often provide detailed information about the whiskey, including its age, cask type, and tasting notes, allowing consumers to make informed purchasing decisions.


An Independent Whiskey Bottler is a company or individual that selects and bottles whiskies from various distilleries, offering a diverse range of expressions to whiskey enthusiasts. They play a vital role in the whiskey industry, providing consumers with unique and often rare bottlings that showcase the diversity and complexity of whiskey production.

We at Redacted want to highlight all of the fantastic and exciting whiskey being made in Ireland. As an Indie Bottler we will only choose the casks that excite us as whiskey lovers and that showcase Ireland in the best light. 


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